System Center Orchestrator 2016: Error When Changing the Data Source After Update Rollup 4 Installation

Hello again!

I came across an interesting issue this week while applying System Center 2016 Update Rollup 4 to my company’s System Center Orchestrator instance. After the install, you are required to re-associate the Orchestrator database with the Orchestrator instance by using the ‘Data Store Configuration’ tool found in the management service’s installation folder. In my case, I would type in the name of my SQL Server instance and on the second page when trying to select the Orchestrator database, I would receive a BLANK error. That’s it, no information presented to me or input to any log file that I could find.

I was planning on reinstalling everything, as I have my runbooks backed up every night, when I had an idea: my Orchestrator server does not have SQL Server installed, and since I was trying to reach out to a SQL Server instance, it made sense to me that I may be missing required files in order to make this tool work. So, before I went through the process of reinstalling everything, I downloaded and installed SQL Server 2014 Express edition to the Orchestrator management server. After the install, I went back to the ‘Data Store Configuration’ tool and…IT WORKED!!!

So, long story short… if you are having issues with the ‘Data Store Configuration’ tool provided with System Center Orchestrator, try installing an Express version of SQL Server (or really any modern version of SQL Server would likely work) to install any missing dependencies that are not documented.

Until next time!

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